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Welcome to the PEACE MEDITATION website.
This website is dedicated to the one and only Peace Meditation that is effective with regard to peace on our planet Earth.
Our world is in bad shape, and when you now have a sincere wish to contribute to World Peace then you have come to the right place.
War actions in all imaginable gradations and variations, bloody rebellions, terrorist attacks, kidnappings with terrible torturing, etc. have become such daily occurrences that we have almost become accustomed to them.
Based on the disagreeable fact that human rights in numerous countries are still totally disregarded, it is understandable when the dearest wish of so many human beings on earth is nothing more than to live in peace and harmony.
Besides a few exceptions, all of us wish that a permanent peace might finally come to the entire earth.
This is all a wonderful idea, however this pious wish will only be fulfilled if every single human being on earth makes his/her own contribution within reasonable bounds.
Unfortunately, with regard to this very World Peace, there are many sceptics out there.
They think that armed conflicts can never be brought under control on earth, wars have always been there and will always be there in future times.
At the same time the sceptics cannot imagine how a simple citizen could ever be capable of contributing to World Peace.
When we look back on the history of earth, it would be very easy to get the impression that earth people cannot get along without war.
However this opinion is not correct; because it is only a question of time before this behaviour opposing the law of Creation on earth will forever become a thing of the past.
In the end, it is dead certain that it is entirely up to us, or to be more precise, up to every single one of us.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier explained it very clearly:
“World peace always begins in small ways.
The people of earth can never create peace if they wage war in their own house and in their own personal surroundings.
They must first create peace there and within themselves and then with their friends, relatives and acquaintances, and in their daily encounters in their profession and in their spare time.
Efforts towards world peace must begin in small circles and then continue in an outward expansion. This requires a unification in small ways without regard to the world situation and/or insidious occurrences.”

Unfortunately, more and more statesmen and other leaders are appearing on the scene and attempt to stir up one nation against the other and involve them in bloody feuds by using propaganda and warmongering methods of education.

Billy Meier: “In this connection, man must be his own best friend and must close his ears to the siren songs of the warmongers, because without men who allow themselves to be instigated, there can be no instigation and, therefore, no wars either.
Not until man has cleared these hurdles within himself can he start to carry peace out into the world.”